Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today's JTWF Special Kid: Zeke

Zeke is kept alive by technology they are alive only because of the ventilator they use to breath with. Zeke has diastrophic dysplasia a rare type of dwarfism. He recently received a life saving surgery, He had a c spine kyphosis of 130 degrees and it was compressing his spinal cord to the point we could of possibly have lost him. No one was willing to or knew how to do the surgery and i was told it would not help him and he possibly would not survive it. His surgery , after much advocacy and fighting with bureaucracy was done at AI Dupont hospital by a wonderful orthopedic doctor and was a success. He is home now in his cervical halo which you can see on zekes facebook page is Saving Zeke and now here is our Youtube Video:

~~As Submitted by Family and edited by JTWF

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