Thursday, April 21, 2011

JTWF Special Kid: Bella

We adopted Isabella in January 2010. We met her for the first time when she was 9 months old. Prior to us coming into the picture:
Bella was born with cocaine, heroine, marijuana, 3 different antipsychotic meds and pain killers in her system and needed to be put on phentanyl and morphine for withdrawals. She was also born with Gastroischisis (intestines were on the outside of her body). Surgery was done immediately to put the intestines back in. During this surgery half of her intestines were so badly damaged they had to remove them completely. This caused a condition known as "short gut syndrome". After her surgery she was unable to come off of the ventilator, she was unable to eat and was kept sedated. She was ultimately sedated for 9 months! The half of her intestines that was left in her belly had failed completely! She NEEDS a transplant of the small bowel to survive. She also has a Spinal cord injury that is so rare, none of the Neurologists at Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh have ever seen anything like it. The believe it was caused in utero (while still in her mothers stomach) by an assault. Further complicated by seizures she had in the womb from the drugs! Please visit:

~~As Wriiten by her Mother on her Blog

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